Leather Restoration in Austin, TX

An investment in leather is an investment in quality. Leather is durable, fashionable and long-lasting if cared for properly. LeatherFix is the expert to call for leather rip repairs and reconditioning. We operate throughout Austin, Wyldwood, Round Rock, Pflugerville, or Buda, TX, providing complete leather upholstery repair, antique leather restoration, and work on smaller leather repair jobs.

  • Leather furniture repair

    From dried, cracked chairs to ripped, torn ottomans, we’re the experts to call for mobile leather couch repair and other leather furniture services. We help you get the most out of your investment in comfortable leather furniture.

  • Leather custom stitching

    Loose seams can cause big problems for leather furniture. Before your comfort unravels, give us a call. We re-stitch leather furniture to prevent further degradation and to fix rips, tears, holes and more.

  • Leather recoloring and custom coloring

    We can completely change the color of your leather! Change the color or let us apply a marbling or modeling technique to enrich the appearance of your favorite furniture pieces.

  • Leather color refresh

    Want to keep the original color of your leather furniture, but bring it back to a like-new splendor? We can do it, reconditioning leather for renewed appeal. Plus, you’ll enjoy the matte or gloss you want from refreshed leather.

  • Antique leather restoration

    Forget about lugging your antique leather furniture all around Austin, TX to get it restored. We come to you, using the utmost care on your heirloom pieces as we restore them.

Leather Upholstery

We have a complete reupholstery service with pickup and return delivery. Reupholstery an arm to a complete couch or a chair, in most cases, there is no pickup or delivery charge!

Refinish and Recoloring Warranty

Once your type of leather is identified…a protection procedure is put in place to provide an option to have the leather seat cushions reupholstered if requested or needed due to the damaged condition of the original leather.

  • Choose to have your seat cushions refinished and recolored back to a new look again for a specific cost.
  • If skin oils and/or other body contaminants interfere with the refinishing and recoloring materials applied to the seat cushions can be touched up or refinished again at no charge to the customer for one more re-application.
  • If the second refinishing and recoloring application is interfered with by these skin oils and other contaminants then the original old leather is probably contaminated and should be replaced since the contaminants have settled into the leather and will not allow a successful application. To replace the leather on the seat cushion(s) the original amount of the seat cushion cost for refinishing and recoloring would be applied 100% to the cost of the re-upholstery plus the additional cost would be paid by the customer for the reupholstery. 100% credit of the amount that was paid for that cushion’s refinishing and recoloring within the first 90 days…75% credit applied towards reupholstery costs within the last 90 days.
  • This warranty coverage is for a period of 180 days or 6 months

Most of these types of problems are from Unfinished and Unprotected leather called Aniline or Semi-Aniline Leather

Restore Your Leather Goods

Not sure if you can repair leather furniture? Give us a call and let us know what the situation is. We’re happy to provide insight and estimates over-the-phone.

Don’t let good leather go to waste! Call LeatherFix today at 512-638-3000 to schedule on-site leather rip repairs for your durable leather goods. We’ll repair leather furniture, recondition and even recolor your pieces or apparel items, so you can get back to enjoying the timeless quality and luxury of leather.


Thinking about getting into furniture upholstery repair for yourself? Mobile furniture restoration is a great opportunity to be your own boss, make your own hours and spend time doing something you’re good at or enjoy! We’ve been in the leather repair business for more than a decade and are more than happy to pass on our wisdom to those just starting out.

From hands-on training to mapping out your service area and managing your books, we help you get the foothold you need to work for yourself! Whether you’re retired, prefer the freedom of mobile work or have an inclination for antique leather restoration work, we can’t recommend this line of work enough. Contact us today at 512-638-3000 to learn more!