What can I do when the leather on my furniture dries out?

Pure Neatsfoot Oil

Pure Neatsfoot Oil

The Problem:

unfinished and also finished leathers can dry out over time since they contain ammonia waxes and oils to keep them soft and supple over years of use. But they do dry out and they do become contaminated with skin oils.

The Solution:

Pure needs foot oil is a refined animal fat that is clean of any acidity and helps re-moisturize the leather of your furniture. More specifically used for unfinished unprotected “Aniline” style of leather this does a great job in restoring the flexibility and removes a lot of the dusty look from this type of Unfinished Leather couches. This can also be used for finished protected leathers It takes longer to absorb through the protective coating and will increase the sheen of the top coat as well.


$39.95 One Pint

Pure Neatsfoot Oil
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