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How do I clean my leather furniture without damaging it?

The Problem Cleaning your leather furniture without removing the sheen or color or damaging the surface in any way but still be able to remove dirt and some skin oils. The Solution Most furniture manufacturers recommend that you only use water or a mild soap and water to clean your leather furniture which is partly […]

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What can I do when the leather on my furniture dries out?

Pure Neatsfoot Oil The Problem: unfinished and also finished leathers can dry out over time since they contain ammonia waxes and oils to keep them soft and supple over years of use. But they do dry out and they do become contaminated with skin oils. The Solution: Pure needs foot oil is a refined animal […]

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What should I use to disinfect my upholstery or finished leather?

Spray Nine This is a heavy duty cleaner degreaser and disinfectant. This product I have used for many years now and kills viruses removes mold and mildew there is no bleach in the product It kills bacteria and destroys odors for hard non-porous surfaces like walls, floors, garbage bins, vents, sporting equipment, vinyl siding, hot […]

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